Yasmine McMorrin: I’m Running to Be Your Equity Champion


Yasmine McMorrin

I am running for Culver City Council because our community deserves a local government that shares our values of equity and inclusion. It is time for our city to center equity in every policy and budget decision.

My vision is for Culver City to become a model of responsive government that genuinely strives to meet the needs of everyone in our community. To do this, we must address our city’s housing crisis, rebalance our city’s budget, and adopt inclusive policies that prioritize care for our neighbors.

If elected, I will support housing equity for the people of Culver City. When I first moved to California four years ago, I was impressed by Culver City’s progressive reputation, amenities, and quality of life.

I decided to make Culver City my home, but it was a challenge to find an affordable apartment. As I settled into the community, it became apparent that many of our neighbors had similar housing insecurity, a stress-inducing challenge exacerbated by the anxiety and economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am proud to have advocated for the temporary eviction moratorium, as well as the permanent rent control and tenant protections recently adopted by our City Council. But we need to do better.

It is no secret that our city doesn’t have enough housing, which is vital for local businesses trying to attract talented employees who want to live where they work. Moreover, the housing stock that is available isn’t affordable for everyday working families. As Vice-Chair of the Culver City General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), I am already working to actively engage with all voices in our community as we consider the direction of our city’s development.

As a Council Member, I would address needed changes to zoning laws, push to eliminate parking minimums and advocate for requiring environmentally sustainable development. My commitment is to fight for both homeowners and renters. Prospective property owners should have a variety of pricing options, while rent-burdened families, and families facing eviction, deserve to have decent, affordable housing.

In order for Culver City to put our community’s values into action, we must have an equity-based distribution of the city’s resources, one that ensures our city budget is balanced while prioritizing services that benefit all our community members, including our most vulnerable.

The best way to achieve these goals is by diverting funds from the Culver City Police Department (CCPD), which is currently 37% of the city’s total budget. According to a recent report by UCLA, the CCPD budget was four times the city’s funding for parks and community services, 22 times the amount of resources allocated to rental assistance and homeless services, and 122 times the investment made by the city in afterschool programs. Our unhoused neighbors deserve better. Our kids deserve better.

Culver City Council can only enact equity and inclusion-based policies by listening to all voices and making our local government more open, engaging, responsive, and representative of our diverse community. This means ensuring that all government meetings and services are accessible to residents with varying languages and abilities. To ensure equitable access to city streets, I will advocate for mobility lanes that will better allow for car, bus, bike, and electric scooter users to more safely share the road.

My commitment to equity is reflected in my endorsements from Congresswoman Karen Bass, California State Senator Holly J. Mitchell, and more than 18 endorsements from progressive organizations throughout Greater Los Angeles, including leading labor unions, environmental advocacy organizations, and the Culver City Democratic Club.

The community’s desire for an equity agenda in Culver City is demonstrated by the groundswell of local support I have received from my neighbors, including endorsements from Vice Mayor Alex Fisch, Council Member Daniel Lee, Council Member and Former Mayor Meghan Sahli- Wells, School Board President Summer McBride, School Board Member Dr. Kelly Kent, as well as dozens of volunteers, and hundreds of residents, who are supporting my campaign.

Culver City deserves a government that reflects our values, cares for our neighbors, includes all voices, and benefits everyone who works, lives, and plays in our city. That is why I am running to be your equity champion.

To learn more about my campaign for Culver City Council, please visit mcmorrinforculvercity.com.

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