Verdict Is In–No Brown Action Violation, says CC Attorney

Culver City’s City Council meeting on April 30th, 2018 when Meghan Sahli-Wells was seated as Vice Mayor by a 4-1 vote.

At the 29 May 2018 Culver City Council meeting last night, Pride Month was commemorated, and the outcome of the closed session was announced: no Brown Act violations occurred. Dated 8 May 2018, but officially stamped on 14 May 2018, a group of six Culver City residents and two Los Angeles residents wrote a letter to the city council alleging Brown Act violations.

City Attorney Carol Schwab announced: “The City Council met in closed session regarding item CS-3, [the aforementioned 14 May 2018 letter], submitted to the City pursuant to Government Code section 54960.1. The letter demanded that the City Council cure or correct its 30 April 2018 actions related to the election of the mayor and vice mayor, which complainants allege were taken in violation of the Brown Act. The City Council has determined that no Brown Act violations occurred; therefore, there is no need to cure or correct its actions. The Council has directed me, the City Attorney, to prepare a written response” to complainants “in accordance with such determination.”

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