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Stay Green: Ways to Use Your Green Bin

Stay Green: Ways to Use Your Green Bin

Did you know that landfilled food and other organics produce methane gas?

Methane is a greenhouse contributor that is 30x more potent than carbon dioxide.

Jack-o-lantern on sidewalkCOMPOSTING fall leaves and Halloween pumpkins is one simple way you can help improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas. Composting does not produce methane because the organic material is exposed to oxygen.

You can also use your GREEN BIN to divert organic waste to composting facilities and away from the landfill.

Compost binCOMPOST to divert waste from landfills.

START a backyard compost pile or bin with your grass clippings, coffee grounds, or any kind of fruit or vegetable kitchen scraps.

KEEP compost aerated by stirring and mixing and add in fall leaves regularly.

ADD your Halloween pumpkins, but remember to

* Remove candles and artificial lighting, and

* Remove any other decorations attached to the pumpkin.

(This includes stickers, ribbons, and remnants of candle wax inside. Paint and glitter should also not go into the compost pile, so cut off that portion and dispose of it in the black trash bin.)

Green bin full of meats, vegetables, fruits, paper goods, flowers and other compostable items

Use your GREEN BIN to divert waste from landfills and create compost for local farms and gardens.

SEPARATE food scraps while preparing meals or when cleaning the refrigerator, and leftover food scrapings from your plate.

You can add plant debris and food-soiled paper to your green bin, such as coffee cups and filters, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, waxed or parchment paper, and paper take-out containers.

COLLECT kitchen food scraps using a kitchen pail or any compostable paper container, such as take-out boxes or paper bags.

Freezing food scraps or wrapping them in newspaper are a few ways to prevent leaks and odors.

EMPTY food scraps, food-soiled paper, and plant debris into the green organics bin.