Sony Pictures Entertainment launches Innovation Studios


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is setting up a digital technology facility Innovation Studios which will be housed in a 7,000 square-feet sound stage on the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, Los Angeles. Innovation Studios is expected to be operational later this year.

The space, which will be overseen by Screen Gems president, Innovation Studios, and President, Physical Production Glenn Gainor, will feature the latest in research and development from Sony and others in areas including volumetric video and customizable set scanning to help storytellers around the world create content for the future.

Innovation Studios will work with engineers from throughout Sony Corporation and pursue business development opportunities for its proprietary technology in motion pictures, television, music, and gaming.

“By harnessing technology throughout Sony’s many businesses and applying it to production here at SPE, we are giving content creators essential tools to tell real-world stories in radically new ways. At Innovation Studios, we will be able to take a set in India and reproduce it here in Culver City, creating a valuable digital asset. The future of production is hinged on the monetization of digitising the analog world, and we are excited to be a part of it,” said Gainor.

Dell, Deloitte Digital, and Intel are collaborating with SPE and will play an integral role in helping to expand the applications of Innovation Studios beyond entertainment to other verticals including, but not limited to, medicine, retail, and education. Through Innovation Studios, enterprises will be able to leverage emerging technology such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality to visualize real business solutions and solve problems within their industries.

In addition to Innovation Studios, the studio also unveiled a research and development space to demonstrate immersive experiences from Sony Corporation to further stimulate creativity through engagement with employees and the entertainment industry at large.

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