Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle’s Alma Mater, Immaculate Heart, Hosts Viewing Party

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry royal wedding.
Viewing party at Immaculate Heart School for Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s royal wedding.

Article provided by Culver City-based organization, Kid Scoop Media.
Written by Daniella Bueno, 15 years old
Kid Scoop Media Correspondent
Sharmin Shanur-Contributing Editor

The Immaculate Heart (IH) community held a viewing party at 3 am on a Saturday morning to watch history being made—Meghan Markle, an IH alumnae, marry Prince Harry of England. Students eagerly waited to see the wedding projected on the very stage Markle once performed on as a high school student.

Despite the chilly morning, students wrapped themselves in blankets and enthusiastically watched as Meghan walked down the aisle to her future husband. The energy at the viewing party was amazing—the sounds of joy, excitement, and pride filled the entire auditorium. After the wedding, John Dlugolecki, who had taken numerous pictures of Markle during her high school career,  said that “seeing her up on stage, the stage she once shined on, was an amazing and tear-jerking sight.” He still remembers how she would always make an effort to look for the camera in any picture he took.

Unfortunately, the projector that was streaming the Royal wedding crashed halfway into the ceremony. But, that did not stop IH students from watching the wedding in its entirety. They immediately pulled out their phones and watched Markle wed Prince Henry. IH student Frida Gaspar said, “I can’t miss a second of this.”

Students loved the non-traditional wedding, which included an all African-American choir and Michael Curry, an African-American Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Curry further solidified the uniqueness of this ceremony by remarking on the ability of love to bridge people of all backgrounds, regardless of race. President Maureen Diekmann said she “loved how different and diverse the wedding was…Harry and Meghan are going to change the world.”

IH is so unbelievably proud of how far Meghan has come. Many students, including myself, look up to her because of her passion for helping others, her determination, and her charisma. IH students are always taught to become the change in the world, something Meghan Markle certainly embodies. Callie Webb, Director of Communications at IH says, “I know that Meghan will use this new platform to spread her message and continue her humanitarian work…We are proud of Meghan and are excited to see more of what she has to offer the world.”

At the end of the wedding, IH students screamed out in excitement as Meghan and Harry kissed. Everyone pulled out their phones and began recording the historic event. After the wedding viewing party, KTLA 5’s Lauren Lyster said, “After seeing and reporting all the bad things in the world, it warms my heart to see [Meghan] bringing joy and love to everyone she meets.” Lauren went to Northwestern with Markle and remembers, “being struck by her beauty.”  

It seems that everyone who has met Markle has always been in awe of her. Here at IH, we are certainly in awe of what she has accomplished and excited to see her interact with England’s Royal family. She is certainly a beacon of light and a symbol of progression for England, and IH students are eagerly waiting to see Markle’s next steps in her new life in England.

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