Rent Freeze to be Considered at June 24 City Council Meeting

Protect Culver City Renters

On Monday June 24, the Culver City Council will consider a rent
freeze. What is a rent freeze, and why does Culver City need one?

 Renters in Culver City currently only have the minimum protections
required by state law. Landlords can raise rents as much and as often
as they want and are not required to give a reason for evictions.

 Nearby cities, including Los Angeles, Inglewood, Santa Monica, West
Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, and the unincorporated
areas of LA County such as Marina Del Rey, all offer tenants
additional support, such as relocation assistance when a building is
demolished or turned into condominiums, restricting evictions to cases
of nonpayment, property damage, crime, or other serious misconduct,
limiting the amount and frequency of rent increases, and monitoring
what rental properties exist and what their rents are.

 A study conducted by Protect Culver City Renters shows that large
majorities of Culver City renters and homeowners support adding the
renter protections our neighboring cities have, and that overwhelming
numbers of Culver City renters are concerned about their ability to
stay in their homes.

 Other cities’ experiences have shown that the City needs to
implement a temporary rent freeze before a discussion of these
protections can start. This will prevent landlords from raising rents
in anticipation of future limits or as a way to intimidate or punish
renters who support regulation. Glendale took this step last November
and Inglewood this March.

 At the May 28 City Council meeting, Protect Culver City Renters
presented the Council with over 350 postcards from Culver City
residents in support of a temporary rent freeze and requested action
as soon as possible. The Council agreed to discuss a rent freeze on
June 24. At that meeting Protect Culver City Renters will share their
survey results and present an outline of a rent freeze ordinance based
on those which have worked nearby.

 To learn more, join Protect Culver City Renters at 7PM on the 24th
at City Hall, “like” PCCR on Facebook, and follow @protectccrenters on

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