No Employee Parking Permits on Residential Streets


Dear Editor,

Every Culver City Resident should have grave reservations about how the Culver City Traffic and Parking Sub-Committee is conducting itself where the project to explore issuing parking permits to employees of businesses for neighboring Residential Parking Districts is concerned.

It appears Council members Thomas Small and Goran Eriksson are following in the footsteps of former Council member Andrew Weissman’s innovative solution of expansion of offsite parking to solve the challenge of not enough business parking, as reported in the October 10, 2014 issue of “BISNOW.”

I cannot support the concept that any residential street that is deemed under-utilized should be used to provide employee parking for the surrounding local businesses.

I question what kind of public turnout was expected by scheduling the Sub-Committee meeting for 2 PM on a workday.  

To date, the only response I have received from officials involved about my request for more information regarding the published agenda item has been an auto-response of too busy, will get back to you as time permits.

A suggestion for our Culver City Council, would it be so terrible to include a little more information about agenda items in the notification emails instead of simply directing the public somewhere else to find the agenda information?

Respectfully Yours,

John Heyl

Culver City CA

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