Measure K: An Overview


While the nation prepares for the impactful midterm elections this November 6th, Culver City residents will have an additional opportunity: to vote for an issue equally relevant to the city–and its much heralded school district.

Supporters of the measure are emphatic that the measure–which involves an additional tax–will supply desperately needed funds to keep CCUSD a prized school district. Opponents are unsurprisingly opposed to paying more taxes.

The dedicated canvassing of Measure K support volunteers have resulted in signs, peppering Culver City front lawns, declaring, “Yes on K,” “Protect Culver City Schools,” and “It’s For Our Kids.”

What is Measure K?

In short, Measure K will apply an annual flat-parcel tax off $189 on commercial and residential private properties within Culver City’s borders.

If implemented, the funds will be fully applied to CCUSD and will raise a much-needed, approximately $2.36 million a year.

Measure K requires a two-thirds majority to pass. If passed, it will start July 1, 2019, and expire in seven years. During this time, Measure K expects to raise an estimated $16.5 million in total.

Seniors and people with disabilities will be offered an exemption to the parcel tax.

Why Support Measure K?

The measure was placed on the ballot, after a unanimous vote by all five members of the CCUSD School Board.

“The State of California passed a law requiring school districts to pay more for employee retirement programs,” explains CCUSD School Board President Anne Allaire. “Complying with this law will cost our school district more than $2 million every year.”

CCUSD School Board Vice President Kelly Kent adds, “Measure K will help us become more locally sustainable as the state is not a reliable source of funding.”

Explaining how the money will be sent, Kent shares, “Measure K will maintain and improve core academic programs, fund career-technical education programs, allow us to provide a full-inclusion educational environment for our students with special needs…”

“[It will also] maintain and grow our nationally recognized art, music and drama instruction, continue to support our athletic programs, implement urgently needed security upgrades and social and emotional support, and attract and retain high-quality teachers, counselors, nurses and aides who educate and support our students.”

Allaire warns, “If it doesn’t pass, we will be forced to make some drastic cuts to our core academic programs and will not be able to keep pace with median teacher salaries.”

Measure K Endorsements

In addition to undivided support from all five CCUSD School Board members, Measure K is endorsed by California State Senator Holly Mitchell and Assemblymember Kamlager-Dove.

Senator Holly Mitchell (center), CCUSD Vice President Kelly Kent (right) and Culver City First Lady, Joanna Brody (right).

“I have proudly represented Culver City as part of the 30th State Senate for 8 years, and am proud to endorse Measure K,” says California Senator Holly Mitchell. “This parcel tax will provide resources and funds to ensure that all students will continue to thrive. Vote YES for Measure K on November 6!”  

A complete list of endorsers can be found here.

If Funded, Will There Be Oversight?

Yes. A mandated independent oversight committee will be appointed to ensure the funds will be spent, the measure states, “solely to benefit CCUSD students.” It further states funds “cannot be spent on administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions.”


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