Mayoral Rotation Policy Set Aside with 4-1 Vote, Sahli-Wells Remains Vice Mayor


At the June 25 Regular City Council Meeting, community members turned out en masse to make public comment advocating for two opposing views; to follow the mayoral rotation policy or adopt a resolution to rescind it.

Three members of the public acted in concert when each used time at the podium to play video of past statements by current council members regarding their thoughts on the policy. Other members of the public who made comment, shared arguments containing reasons both legal and moral.

The full list:

  1. Paul Ehrlich reading Vicki Redholtz statement
  2. Roderick Wollin (played video of past statements by Councilmember Daniel Lee)
  3. Judy Mcaskill and Marta Valdez (played video of past statements by Vice Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells)
  4. Marta Valdez (played video of past statements by Mayor Thomas Small)
  5. Bret Osterberg (spoke about Brown Act violation allegation)
  6. Toni Lowitz
  7. Carlene Brown
  8. Jamie Wallace
  9. Todd Shays
  10. Michael Hamill
  11. Edward Wolkowitz
  12. Judy Scott
  13. Denise Clary
  14. Jessica Catalino
  15. Lance Richter
  16. Mary Daval
  17. Kelly Kent
  18. Hector Marin
  19. Ken Mand
  20. Karlo Silberger
  21. Disa Lindgren
  22. Carrie Shapiro
  23. Paul Amezola
  24. Nadine Mendoza reading Claudia Vizcarra statement
  25. Jeffrey Schwartz
  26. Paul Jacobs
  27. James Province
  28. Jeannine Wisnosky-Stehlin
  29. Justin Lescoulie
  30. Haifaa Al-Moammar
  31. Laura Stuart

In the end, rather than follow or rescind the mayoral rotation policy, Councilmember Alex Fisch, Councilmember Daniel Lee, Vice Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells, and Mayor Thomas Small all voted to adopt a resolution to set aside the mayoral rotation policy. The council expressed this would allow for more thoughtful and careful consideration of the matter and allow staff to develop proposals for new versions.

Councilmember Göran Erikkson was the only dissenting vote to follow the current mayoral rotation policy.

The council then reconsidered the April 30 election of Sahli-Wells as vice mayor, electing to keep her in this position with the same 4-1 vote.

Click here to view the full June 25 Regular City Council Meeting

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