Letter to the Editor: Regarding CCPOA Statement and Video Slandering the Culver City Action Network


I was flattered to be recognized by the CCPOA for my articles exposing the lies, bloated budget and murdering cops within the ranks of the Culver City Police Department. I especially liked the picture of me they chose to use – it’s one of my favorites. Best of all, they piled on with further evidence of their lying ways with more falsehoods, misrepresentations and inuendo. They make a strong argument for defunding or even abolishing the Police.

I realize, of course, they aren’t intending to flatter me but are targeting and implicitly threatening me (and I do consider it a threat when an angry armed group with a license to kill specifically calls me out). I also find it ironic that a group of police officers, supposedly astute observers and investigators, don’t even know I’m not a member of CCAN. Nor can they identify any of those who have publicly on numerous occasions spoken for CCAN.

The CCPOA is angry that I have published articles in the Catalyst and LAStreetsblog exposing the CCPD’s long and inglorious history of racism; KKK membership and recruitment; racial profiling, and even murder, of people of color. For more on this, please read my full articles, which are carefully researched and footnoted, and can be found here and here. I would like to specifically respond to one outrageous lie in the CCPOA video. They claim that the suspect, Lejoy Grissom, who was killed in 2010 by CCPD Officer Martinez, was armed at the time he was shot. There is not one shred of evidence to support this assertion. Many witnesses, including several other police officers present at the scene, testified in court that Grissom had his hands in the air with nothing in them. I’d like to quote from the official DA investigation on this question: “Martinez stated that he ‘felt in his heart’ that Grissom had a handgun, and that Grissom intended to shoot him, other officers, or other people in the area. None of the other witnesses present mentioned seeing an object in Grissom’s hand.

However, a cellular telephone was later found on the ground in the location where Grissom was standing when shot. Martinez was looking at Grissom through the target sights of his MP5.” Just to be clear, an MP5, is a submachine gun and looking through a gun sight provides a very narrow view. In other words, the only testimony that Grissom was armed was from the shooter himself, and it was contradicted by every other witness, including other police officers. It’s no wonder a jury awarded Grissom’s family $8.8 million in damages (see here).

– John Kent