Letter to the Editor: Vote this Sunday for the Forward 54th Slate to Serve as Delegates to the CA Democratic Party!


In my experience, most Culver City residents support progressive values, including: Medicare for All, racial justice and equity, a Green New Deal, ending voter suppression, immigration justice and a humane path to citizenship, reforming the criminal justice system, supporting workers’ rights and a living wage, fully funding public education, gender and LGBTQ+ equality, mandating that corporations pay their fair share of taxes, protecting reproductive rights, banning assault weapons and closing gun show loopholes, addressing homelessness in a meaningful way, and mandating more affordable housing.
We saw during the recent midterm elections that a majority of people in our state and in many parts of the country care about the values listed above and voted out office holders who didn’t have our interests close to their hearts.

This Sunday, January 27th, Democrats registered in the 54th Assembly District will have the rare opportunity to vote for delegates to our state party who believe in our values. The delegates will represent us and serve for two years, including during 2020, which will be a critical election year. They will help to decide on our state party platform and endorse candidates for offices that will be on our ballots. The list above comes from the Forward 54th Slate Platform, which the candidates worked hard to develop together so that voters know what they will advocate for. 

If you want to advance these values, please come to Culver City Middle School, 4601 Elenda Street, this Sunday, January 27, and vote for the members of the Forward 54th Slate anytime between 2:45-4:45 pm. (The door will open for registration at 2:15 pm. Each candidate running to serve as a delegate in our district will have 1 minute to speak.)

It is important to note that there are other slates claiming to be “progressive” or “grassroots,” but it is the Forward 54th Slate that has the most comprehensive and substantive platform. I’m excited to be able to vote for these candidates, and I’ve worked with Tom Camarella locally and know he will do a good job as our 54th Assembly District representative to the CA Democratic Party Executive Board. 

Disa Lindgren

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