LeBron James hints at visiting Blaze Pizza in Culver City, and the line goes around the block


NBA All-Star and newly minted Laker LeBron James appears to have worked up an appetite while officially signing his contract with the NBA Los Angeles franchise.

On Monday afternoon, he tweeted from his personal account, “Haven’t been to a pizza party in a minute. Culver City?”

That pizza party he’s referring to was a planned event for Tuesday afternoon during which select locations of Blaze Pizza would give out free pies in celebration of LeBron coming to Los Angeles.

The new twist was the hint that the three-time NBA champ might just be sufficiently pizza-peckish to show up at one of the SoCal Blaze-erias.

The collaboration makes sense. Lebron is a Blaze Pizza franchisee and an early investor in the Pasadena-based brand. Since he hinted at Culver City, his fans listened.

And they definitely showed up. According to posts on Twitter, hundreds of people showed up by 1 p.m. Some were there since 7:30 a.m.

Will King James show? Stay tuned.