Gubernatorial Candidate, John Chiang, Gets Nod from Culver City Progressives

Culver City Vice Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells with California Gubernatorial Candidate, John Chiang

Shortly after a grueling City Council election, Culver City voters have another opportunity to vote for a progressive candidate, this time in the June 5th Primary election for governor. The candidate is Democrat John Chiang, California’s State Treasurer.  Chiang was in Culver City Friday afternoon speaking to a group of progressives invited by Culver City Mayor Thomas Small, Vice-Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells and Wally Marks, property owner of the Helms Design Center in East Hollywood.

Chiang’s platform offers a unique combination of components that many progressive voters find appealing – a commitment to address the complex problems facing the state, such as housing affordability, homelessness and access to health care, but with an important element – a strong dose of fiscal savvy gained from his many years of prudently steering the state’s finances.

Attendee reactions to the candidate were positive.

“I found him very personal, very warm,” Jim Shanman, from Walk n’ Rollers said “I like his directness, especially in finances. He does seem like the kind of guy who can keep us on the path we are on, of financial responsibility.”

Haifaa Al-Moammar, a Culver City resident commented: “I loved what he said about homelessness, that we have to invest from the beginning, because when people become homeless they can be flagged and then they can’t get assistance, so you have to start early, be prepared to stop the situation from escalating.  He has also has the children in mind, so that’s also really really powerful. If our state can eradicate the homelessness problem, we are going to have a thriving economy, because there will be a stronger tax base. We are not talking about a welfare state, but helping people live with dignity.

“I feel very hopeful,” added Khin Khin Gyi of the Culver City Democratic Club.” When he came to the Culver City Democratic Club in January of this year he was the only candidate who was willing to place a moratorium on new drilling permits so as an environmentalist, he has my vote.”

Michelle Weiner, of Transition Culver City, said: “I was so impressed with John Chiang’s commitment to improving transportation infrastructure statewide. There are many parts of our state are underserved and need buildout for bicycles, pedestrians and motorists.” I trust Chiang’s vision for solving California’s transportation problems.”

“Once I spoke with him one on one I was completely convinced that he knows more than any other candidate about how to designate diverse and sustainable sources of funding to grow our education coffers,” added Progressive Culver City School Board member Kelly Kent.  “He and I both agree that education is our most pressing need.”

The hosts also had strong reasons to support him, too.  Mayor Thomas Small said: “John has expertise and he has integrity, he is a very rare person running for an office like this and I really hope that people can see that and can elect him regardless of the charm of the other candidates because John is the real thing we would be so incredibly lucky to have that kind of leadership in this state.”

Vice Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells concluded, “I was so proud to co-host a fundraiser for John Chiang today. He is, by far, the smartest candidate for Governor and has the integrity and vision to lead California with both progressive values and financial acumen.”

You can learn more about John Chiang on his website.