Culver City Participates in Leadership Innovation Workshop Held at Harvard University

Mayor Thomas Small (far right in photo) with Harvard University's BIG Cohort.
Mayor Thomas Small (far right in photo) with Harvard University’s BIG Cohort.

Culver City and The Mayors Innovation Project (MIP) in partnership with Harvard Kennedy School’s Behavioral Insights Group (BIG) is exploring ways to create better outcomes in the areas of education, health, equity, the environment, transportation and more. Using behavioral science solutions, the program objective is to apply experimental design and data analysis to the ways in which local governments interact with their residents.

The MIP is a “learning network among American mayors committed to ‘high road’ policy and governance” in the areas of shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democratic environment.

The BIG is a group that is referred to as “Harvard’s outstanding research scholars, behavioral economists and other behavioral scientists tasked with improving how decisions are made, both by leaders and by individuals.”

The program kicked off, on May 4th, at a collaborative workshop hosted at Harvard University, and will run for one year concluding in May 2019.

Mayor Thomas Smalls spoke of his experience at the workshop, “I was delighted to attend this collaborative workshop conducted by the Kennedy School of Government, but hosted at the Harvard Business School. We discussed two potential research concepts related to enhanced multi-modal transit and the community engagement process relative to our General Plan Update.  The City of Culver City will be fortunate to benefit from the expertise of the Behavioral Insight Group at Harvard.”

Culver City was among four cities selected to participate in the second run of this program, referred to as Cohort Two. The other cities in this cohort include Portland, Oregon, Memphis, Tennessee and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.