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Culver City General Plan Update: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Culver City General Plan Update: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The is “Culver City 2019 Greenhouse Gas Inventories” video is now live! After watching the video, please share your ideas for climate action and reducing Culver City’s greenhouse gas emissions through this survey! We want to hear from you to plan for a thriving, environmentally sustainable future for Culver City.

Culver City is coming together to plan an equitable future for our community through a General Plan Update (GPU). The GPU covers topics that affect everyone, including housing, transportation, public safety, equity, arts and culture, sustainability, and more. We want everyone to be involved in the GPU process, which is why we are releasing a series of Educational Forum videos that summarize Culver City’s existing conditions as of 2019 across the range of topics covered in the GPU. The information in the videos is based on corresponding existing conditions reports prepared as part of the GPU project, which will be posted on the ‘Resources’ page of the GPU website as they become available.

The GPU offers Culver City a chance to develop a roadmap that reflects our community’s values, making Culver City the best it can be for everyone. More information about the General Plan, what it covers, and why Culver City is updating it, is on the ‘About’ page of the GPU website.

Visit the City of Culver City’s COVID-19 update page for more information on how the City is responding to the pandemic. Contact City staff at Advance.Planning@culvercity.org or by calling tel:1-310-253-5740 if you have any questions.