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Contributor Guidelines

Tell a great story. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but please know a lot about the topic you want to write about. Capture your readers by making your writing persuasive and a pleasure to read.

Be relevant. Write about topics that possess one or more the following characteristics:

  • Originality. It’s a completely new idea or it’s a fresh-perspective on something old.
  • Useful. It will enhance our readers’ everyday lives.
  • Cultural. It offers ways to experience art, lifestyle and culture.
  • Eye-opening. It sheds light on issues that have been underrepresented or mischaracterized.
  • Compelling. It’s simply a great story that people will enjoy reading.

Provide proof. When possible, backup your claims and positions with real-world examples and/or supporting research and data. Link to sources and provide detailed citations.

Offer solutions. The Catalyst is a publication that believes in solutions. If you wish to highlight an issue or cause, do your best to propose or offer solutions. We want to inspire action, engagement and participation within our community.

Be economic. Think about the objective of what it is you want to communicate and tell your story concisely and succinctly. We accept content of all lengths — as little as 300, but generally not longer than 2,000 words.

Show your voice. Catalyst believes in diversity of voice and tone. Don’t be afraid to write in your own style and from your unique perspective.

Be authentic. Do not plagiarize your work. Do not submit pieces that may be perceived as promotional. Disclose any and all affiliations with referenced entities. Do not submit content that has been published elsewhere.

We guarantee we will review all pitches and content that are submitted, but we, unfortunately, can’t guarantee we will publish them. If we pass on your article, we will try our best to provide constructive feedback.

If we do publish your article, you will continue to own the core concept and ideas presented in your article, but the Culver City Catalyst will hold copyright on the finished product published in our publication.

Culver City Catalyst specializes in engagement and search-engine optimization, and, therefore, maintain final call over headlines to reach as large an audience as we can.

Your piece may be edited to optimize grammar and sentence structure, or to make it consistent with the conventions in our publication. You will be sent a version of our edit for you to comment and review. We may also ask you to submit a revision for better clarity.