Cert Jeopardy


“Doctor Feelgood” (MED OPS)

100 – Ironing boards, surfboards, and inside doors can all be used as this.  What is a backboard?

200 – We put someone in this triage category when they’re breathing faster than 30 breaths/min. What is immediate?

300 – This is one of the three “killers”.  What are airway, bleeding and shock?

400 – This is how we open a restricted airway.  What is “head tilt, chin lift”?

500 – This shorthand phrase allows us to differentiate between immediate and delayed victims.  What is “30, 2 and can do”?

“Hunka, Hunka Burnin’ Love” (FIRE SUPPRESSION)

100 – Along with heat and oxygen, it’s part of the “fire triangle”.  What is fuel?

200 – It’s acronym is P.A.S.S. when using a fire extinguisher.  What is pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep?

300 – It’s the class of fire that consists of flammable liquids.  What is Class B?

400 – Hazardous materials, or HAZMAT, are this kind of sign to CERT members.  What is a stop sign?

500 – After putting out a fire, this gesture is optional.  What is a high-five?

“Lost and Found” (SEARCH AND RESCUE)

100 – This type of building damage allows you to see the sky from inside.  What is heavy damage?

200 – It’s one of three ways to know you have a gas leak.  What is gas smell, rapidly spinning meter, high-pitched whistle?

300 – This is what we do before entering a building for a search to make sure it’s safe.  What is size-up?

400 – This is the minimum distance you should stay away from a downed power line.  What is 30 feet?

500 – This type of two person rescue carry is named after a street in New Orleans.  What is Georgia St.?

“Who’s da Boss” (INCIDENT COMMAND)

100 – It’s where all CERT members check in at when responding to a call-out.  What is staging?

200 – It’s the acronym for your neighborhood CERT group.  What is a NERT?

300 – It’s our most reliable mode of communication during a disaster.  What is Ham Radio?

400 – This is how we refer to the front, or address side, of a building.  What is the “A” side?

500 – It’s the term we use for the number of people or groups we can effectively manage at a time?  What is span of control?


100 – It’s known by the acronym PPE.  What is Personal Protective Equipment?

200 – We immediately do this when exposed to a chemical agent or radioactive material following a terror attack?  What is self-decontamination?

300 – The Training Manager stole the idea for these CERT guidelines from the Bible. What are the 10 CERTmandments?

400 – It’s not Sin City, but the nerve that your diaphragm pushes on that helps calm you down.  What’s the vagus?

500 – It’s the nickname for the guy who really does all the work during our training classes.  Who is Yard Dog or TOJ?

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