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Project Prom Made for a Perfect CCHS Prom

Project Prom Made for a Perfect CCHS Prom
CCHS Prom Project
Prom Project. Photos by Mia Victorin.

Written by, CCHS Class of 2018 Grad, Mia Victorin

Prom night is one of the most defining moments of many students’ high-school career. The glamor-level expectations of an average high-school girl are through the roof. Yet with those expectations, comes a steep price–a literal steep price.

Teenage girls often need to pay an absurd amount to meet the needs to secure the proverbial perfect prom. Consider the fee for the outfit, the makeup, the hair, and even the ticket. Many families cannot afford to pay for the exorbitant expenses associated with prom, and many a hopeful girl is left disappointed.

But, for several years now, Culver City High School makes the process a little easier. CCHS CTE Career Counselor Adrienne Madrid – CTE Career Counselor, and the College and Career Center developed “Project Prom,” a way to make prom night much more affordable.

Ms. Madrid created Project Prom to help girls prepare for the big night because she saw and heard girls were not able to afford to get the looks they wanted at a reasonable price. She created Project Prom so girls could get the much-anticipated prom ready, free of charge.

Project Prom provides girls with free professional quality hair and makeup courtesy of volunteer cosmetic artists. Aspiring prom princesses bring in pictures of the hair and makeup styles they want; the cosmetic staff work with the girls to help create those looks.

Project Prom is most helpful to the school’s students who are on free and reduced lunch, but is also open to all students, once those slots are filled. Ms. Madrid is extremely pleased with the feedback she receives, year after year, regarding the experience. “I put a lot of time and effort into creating a nice Project Prom,” she says. “I’m just so happy that girls are taking advantage of that.”

CCHS Prom Project
Prom Project. Photo by Mia Victorin.

Held at CCHS’ multi-purpose room, Project Prom’s team have created an atmosphere both inviting and pretty. Blue streamers served as a welcome invitation and contemporary music emitted an appropriate and welcome vibe. “Project Prom” signs decorated the room next to huge golden balloons spelling out 2018. Smiling cosmetic artists waited with magic makeup kits bursting with hair products and makeup, and worked to perfect the desired look of nervously smiling girls in chairs. “My hair and makeup artist really knew what they were doing,” said Judy Haro, a senior, while looking at a necklace. “It was fun and exciting, of course, this was worth it.”

Complimentary accessories are displayed on the walls, from necklaces to earrings to shampoo and conditioner. “Can we really have these?” she asked while holding up a butterfly necklace. “This necklace is so cute! This cannot be real.” In the back of the venue, a table of finger food from sandwiches to fruit is offered to girls waiting for their next appointment.

Overall, Project Prom was deemed a success by all. Addisyn House, also a senior, explained why she chose to participate in Project Prom. “I did Project Prom because I can’t do hair and makeup and it’s crazy expensive to have someone do those things for you. The decision was either not have makeup, have my mom pay way too much, or Project Prom. It was a saving grace. It was something I could do with my girls and that was what really drew me to it.”

The excited attendees were extremely pleased with the results of Project Prom. This easy and affordable easy option to prepare for prom was made through the hard work and efforts of Ms. Madrid, and her work definitely showed with the success of the venue.

Victorin, a Culver City native, graduates with the CCHS class of 2018, and is quite “excited for what the future will bring.She also had a blast at prom and enjoyed the luxury and final look she received at Project Prom.